"Where the stars don't need a hair stylist!"

About Us
Welcome to Hollywood Sphynx
I would like to start by giving you the most important piece of advice
 you could have in your quest for the perfect hairless partner in crime. 1: They are all perfect.
2: If you can't handle being loved so much that it's borderline painful then choose another breed. These enchanting felines are nothing like your everyday "cat".
I would love to say they long to be in
your lap as much as possible but that's just not true.
It's more like as close to your face as possible.
If you don't want to be adored as much as any animal could ever do so then this is not the companion for you. This is not your run of the mill "cat" that doesn't need much more then feeding, litter box cleaning, and an occasional pat on the head on your way in or out. They need to be loved, kissed, held and more.
I can only hope you are blessed with the chance to experience the feel of their naked little bodies and the joy of their presence. If you are so lucky you'll never want to leave home without them.

As you will see by the pictures in my gallery they love to go for rides and check out the world with you.
I have one female that I take everywhere. She just decided one day that she wanted to be on my shoulders as much as possible and I love it. She'll sit up there all day if I let her. I take her all over town (with a harness on of course) shopping or just to go for a ride. I am also working with her to be used as a therapy animal in our local geriatric facilities. As she loves everyone and I love to share her charm with as many people as possible. The glow on someone's face when they lay eyes on these seemingly mythical creatures is priceless. Naomi is developing quite a fan base here in our home town in lovely Northern CA.
It's a wonderful place to raise my naked babies with clean air and blue skies. As well as lovely lakes,
 streams, and the Sacramento river.
All of which you will see in photos as you continue on inside
to see all my Sphynx family!
Thank you for coming by and don't hesitate to email us
or give us a call (916)432-0758 with any questions or comments you may have. 
Bye for meow and
welcome again to Hollywood Sphynx!

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