"Where the stars don't need a hair stylist!"

Cat Fancy Articles

"We made Cat Fancy...again!"

So, I was interviewed for the double cover issue of Cat Fancy magazine featuring the sphynx 
several years back and that was pretty cool. Then, I was invited back AGAIN to be in a sphynx featured cover issue! Now, even though there have been about six issues with a sphynx mentioned in the history of the biggest feline publication in the world and about ten people mentioned in total among those issues. NONE of them have been asked to be in the magazine more then once! I never thought a ton about it obviously as it took me several years to even mention it...but, at this point we have been getting many calls from past
kitten parents congratulating us and I have been encouraged to flash my peacock feathers (haha). 
So here you go...enjoy these articles about our wonderful little four legged nudists because
ultimately we do it all for them and will continue to do so for many decades to come. 
And don't forget, I am always here to help with any and all of your hairless kitty mayhem.
Thank you all again for being part of my very blessed life and loving your sphynx!

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